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About us

We are an episcopal family of brothers and sisters, who have been duly consecrated to offices within the episcopacy. We gather together for the purposes of strengthening one another, learning more about our vocation, and how we can truly serve the Body of Christ effectively. The HRECB is an ecumenical episcopacy convening for comprehensive education, philanthropy and the gathering of spiritual leadership throughout the Greater Hampton Roads area. As we come together throughout the year, we work cohesively to build relationships among the episcopacy; to understand the work and to advance our unified impact upon the greater community. The HRECB is fortunate to be led by an extraordinary group of leaders from across the Greater Hampton Roads area. We also work in unity with an Ex Officio Council of Spiritual fathers from our region, who give insight and wisdom from years of experience. 

Bishop Ezekiel Williams.jpg
Bishop Darrin Johnson 3.jpg
Bishop Ezekiel Williams

President - Executive Board

Bishop Darrin C. Johnson

Vice President - Executive Board

Bishop Elect Raymond Johnson 2.jpg
Bishop Elect Ray Johnson

Acting Treasurer - Executive Board

Bishop Allen L Harris copy.jpg
Bishop Allen L. Harris, Sr.

Secretary - Executive Board

Bishop Carl Vann.jpg
Bishop Jerome Williams.jpg
Bishop Jerome L. Williams

Dean of Christian Ed. - Executive Board

Bishop C V Russell III copy.jpg
Bishop Clarence V. Russell III

Logistics - Executive Board

Bishop Carl J. Vann, Sr.

Chaplain - Executive Board

Bishop Upton.jpg
Bishop Francisco.jpg
Bishop Carlton R. Upton, Sr.

Council of Fathers

Bishop L. W. Francisco III

Council of Fathers

Bishop Curtis Edmond.jpg
Bishop Curtis E. Edmonds, Sr.

Council of Fathers

Bishop C V Russell Jr.jpg
Bishop Clarence V. Russell, Jr.

Council of Fathers

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