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Branches of the hrecb


The Hampton Roads Ecumenical Council of Bishops is comprised of several branches of Kingdom service. From the Upper and Lower Houses of Prelature to the branches of Senior Pastors and the Adjutancy Corps, we are all considered Kingdom servants. What a privilege it is to offer a safe place for men and women of the episcopacy to embrace mentoring, learning, development, spiritual growth, networking and fellowship.


Through the numerous branches of Kingdom service we seek to ensure the utmost level of episcopal excellence, and demand that all constituents of the HRECB serve in an integral manner at all times. As we are from a multiplicity of reformations, we masterfully blend our practices, customs and approach to service to function as one body of Kingdom servants.     

Upper House.jpg
Lower House of Prelature

Overseers are to be shepherds to pastors within their Province, watching over the souls of those entrusted to them in the Lord. To be a good overseer, one must be a person of integrity and faithfulness.  If one has integrity in his or her life, they will also have integrity in the church as a good under shepherd. This training will provide the guidance for those who aspire to the office of Bishop.

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The main duty of the biblical armor-bearer was to protect the warrior during the battle. In current church context, the title refers to those who protect leaders during the heat of spiritual conflict.

The adjutant to the pastor, also known as the armor-bearer, must serve as one who watches for and intercedes for the Pastor. Adjutants must learn to serve and even anticipate the leader’s needs. An adjutant should also possess these additional qualifications: faithfulness, understanding of one’s personal identity, prayerfulness, watchfulness, be one who perseveres, possesses a spirit of integrity, and exercises confidentiality in all things.

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Upper House of Prelature

In Titus 1:6-11 Paul tells Titus to appoint bishops in the churches to set things in order and be the spiritual leaders in the church.  The word "bishop" is episkopos in Greek and means curator, guardian or watchman.

This training will provide a forum to strengthen bishops and their ability to defend the faith, as well as provide tools that will enable bishops to effectively communicate the tenants and doctrines of the faith.

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Senior Pastors

This area of study will provide training and direction to Pastors who have been called to lead God’s sheep. So many issues occur in the Church and the Senior Pastors must deal with these circumstances with wisdom and love. Our training will be inclusive of spiritual, physical and mental perspectives to enable the Senior Pastor to govern their Church with grace. Senior Pastors will learn effective approaches to help navigate in this current society, without compromising their biblical foundation. This training will provide the guidance for those who aspire to the office of Overseer.

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Adjunct Staff

This staff is appointed by the Executive Board and serves to assist them in various administrative and ecumenical duties.

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